Ti·dal·Wave [tahyd-l weyv]

  1. a forceful and widespread movement.

Tidal Wave eliminates LELs, H2S, benzene and other dangerous gases by removing their hydrocarbon source and scavenging gas from the void space.

With a Kauri-Butanol value of more than 150 (ASTM D 1133-04), the Tidal Wave chemical has a very high solvency strength and is applied to the vessel as a saturated vapor using the Vaporganic process.The vapor allows a relatively small amount of chemical to contact a large volume of gas and the entire interior surface area of the tank. Scavengers in Tidal Wave encapsulate and remove the gas, while condensing Tidal Wave solubilizes and removes hydrocarbon from features of the tank. Cleaning in the vapor state produces less effluent than with other methods. Furthermore, effluent is easily treated on-site as slop oil and waste water.

Vents and effluent can flow into closed systems so there is no personnel or environmental exposure.